A Soothing and Relaxing


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Soothing Relaxation Massage

Get the most soothing and relaxing massage only at Pro Sports and Spa Massage. My massage uses no pressure but a light touch to totally erase your stress,  and let your mind become oblivious to the days stress and troubles.  Even a light massage brings alkalizing effects to your body and can bring substantial change in your health.
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Relaxing massage

Detailed Therapeutic Massage

Muscle massage
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With my detailed therapeutic massage you can have complete relief and relaxation all at the same time.  I have  developed proprietary massage techniques that will accurately relieve your muscles and ease your pain away. You can count on my 20 years of experience with a physical therapy background.
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Deep Tissue Massage

My sports massage is good for your tough and dry muscles.  When you have chronic muscle aches a deep tissue massage may be appropriate.  This  massage is done in a deeper manner, providing relief to your overused muscles.  Sports massage addresses all the muscles in your body and my expertise will make you more physically capable to do the activities you love.  Call me today at 605-661-0606.
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Sports massage


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